The CEO & Founder of J. Long Productions and owner of Paradise Island Upscale Lounge, has 15+ yrs in the entertainment industry, as a promoter, DJ, hype-man, artist, host and manager. Understanding the world from different perspectives is what fuels the rapper/songwriter/community leader desire to set standards for all generations of all ethnicities. The HBCU graduate, of FAMU, is committed to engaging millennials in the political process. Through music and entertainment, he gets them involved through voter registration, education and participation. 



Former Program Director and radio personality for Gainesville, Florida's WMBT 90.1 FM, J. Long entertainment career was awakened at age 15 by promoting rappers like Plies, Lil Boosie & Trick Daddy. He hosted and performed at house parties that turned into fairground performances. Now he's performing on large platforms of all sizes throughout the Southeast, sharing the stage with big name artists like T.I., Rick Ross, Future and Young Jeezy, just to name a few.

interviewing Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and many U.S./state Congressmen and local officials, and Being in the industry,  has opened his eyes to broader issues within the community which inspired him to implement and execute Dab to Vote & Lil Afrika (economic development HUB). His desire was shaped by his strong family values, well defined character, and a God fearing family.



He is the CEO & Founder of J. Long Productions, Co-founder of Music Express United Records (ME & U Records), Owner of Paradise Island Upscale Lounge & After Hours, Founder of Dab to Vote, Founder of Lil Afrika and Author of Think Like a White Man, the business magnate is far from content. Inspired by his parents, many other ventures are unraveling for him to add to his resume.

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